Lumen Christi Hymnal Now Shipping!

Now Shipping!

We are very excited to announce that the Lumen Christi Hymnal is now shipping! Advent is the perfect time to take the next step in renewing your parish’s liturgical life, and the latest addition to the Lumen Christi Series is ready to help.

Place an order or request a sample copy of the Lumen Christi Hymnal HERE.

The Lumen Christi Hymnal is the ideal companion to the Lumen Christi Missal or Lumen Christi Simple Gradual. When ordered together, the cost of the hymnal drops to only $7.50 per copy! (Visit the Lumen Christi Hymnal page for more details).

No Ordinary Hymnal

The Lumen Christi Hymnal is unlike any hymnal available today, most of which are overloaded with hundreds of hymns that parishes do not use or need—often containing texts that are needlessly altered or flattened by gender neutrality.

Hymnal #1Subscription missals and hymnals continue to reprint virtually the same hymns over and over again, year after year, costing parishes thousands upon thousands of dollars.

The Lumen Christi Hymnal is the answer, delivering the established core of timelessly beautiful, stable, reliable hymnody that is known and loved by most Catholics in the pews, using texts that are theologically sound and tunes that are both commonly known and eminently singable.

In addition to this, it places in the hands of the Catholic faithful for the first time the true hymns of the Catholic liturgical tradition: the authentic hymns of the Liturgy of the Hours, in English, paired with traditional chant melodies.

Permanence, Dignity, Beauty

For the cost of a two-year subscription to a disposable hymnal—or even less—the Lumen Christi Hymnal will completely pay for itself and go on to last a decade or more.

Hymnal Contents #3Durably bound in a smyth sewn binding with high-quality, long-lasting paper, this hardcover, gold leaf embossed edition reflects the dignity and permanence of the sacred liturgy.

It is a hymnal that inspires prayer and its beautiful construction conveys a sense of the sacred and a sense of reverence to those who use it.

Learn More

To view indexes, a high-quality image gallery, to view a full preview of the entire hymnal, or to view individual and bulk pricing, please visit the Lumen Christi Hymnal page.

Every parish deserves beautiful and authentic liturgy. Illuminare Publications would like to help you make it a reality in your parish.

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If you would like to learn more about bringing any part of the Lumen Christi Series to your parish, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone. 


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