Introducing the Lumen Christi Series

lc-series-384x309We’re very excited to introduce you to – at long last – the rest of the publications in the Lumen Christi Series!


The Lumen Christi Missal was published just one year ago, and has already found a welcome home in numerous parishes around the country.

Interest continues to grow, and we have continued to receive, among many notes of thanks, many similar questions and pieces of feedback:

Will you be publishing a companion hymnal soon?”

Can you publish a book with just the antiphons of the LCM?”

When will the Lumen Christi Gradual be published?”

When will organ accompaniment editions be ready?”

We’re very excited to announce that in response to these questions, the rest of the Lumen Christi Series is well on its way.

Please take a moment and learn more about the Lumen Christi Hymnal, Lumen Christi Simple Gradual (Pew and Choir Editions), Lumen Christi Gradual, and Organ Accompaniments HERE.

Work on all of these publications is well underway, and we have plans to first publish the Lumen Christi Simple Gradualfollowed by the Lumen Christi Hymnal in the beginning of 2014. Sample content, indexes, and pre-orders will all soon be available.

The Lumen Christi Gradual will also be rolling out in the course of 2014, and, as usual, pre-publication scores can be freely downloaded from our Score Library prior to the final edition becoming available. Additionally, Organ Accompaniments for the entire Lumen Christi Series are in production and will similarly be posted for free download prior to publication. Check back often as new scores are uploaded every week.

Be sure to subscribe to our Mailing List and follow our Blog for production and publication updates, as well as for announcements of sample contents and indexes.

It is going to be a very exciting year, and we are thrilled and excited for all that lies ahead. Please keep our work in your prayers as we continue to strive to serve the Church’s liturgical apostolate toward the greater glory of God and the sanctification of the faithful.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Bartlett, Editor
and the Illuminare Publications Team